New and Old Spa Treatments Linked to Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is something many women face, and for some it is more than just a mild nuisance. Advanced spa treatments have been linked to ridding of cellulite. They are generally very temporary, but new strategies have evolved that take unconventional approaches to treatment. These will include:

Mesotherapy: this treatment relies on plant extracts and natural methods to get rid of cellulite over time. The extracts are directly linked to increased circulation. The blood circulation will actually bring water to the surface of the skin and ‘break up’ the fat allowing the cellulite itself to dissipate.Lipolysis: this procedure is considered very controversial. For one, many medical professionals have claimed it is bogus. But patients are reporting serious positive effects. The injection treatment is said to melt away fat in small portions, which is exactly what is causing the cellulite in the first pace. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine if it is this injection which is causing cellulite dissipation or other factors that are involved. Rarely do patients simply do the injections and nothing else.Velasmooth: many home remedies attempt to either break up the fat or surface water to make it less apparent. Velasmooth combines both with new technology. It uses radio frequencies and a vacuum suction to move and remove fat in certain areas. Ultimately, it breaks down the fat and causes it to be less invasive upon the skin. It is not practical as a home cellulite treatment, but it could be effective under the right hands.Endermologie: This is arguably the most straightforward method of treatment. It has garnered some of the highest quantity of positive results. Unfortunately, they are not as long term as one would hope for. It is a type of mechanized massage therapy, so traditional massage methods are deployed to the legs to sift the fat and help keep blood flowing. The ides is simple and the results are generally positive. They should be compounded with general cellulite exercises to maximize effectiveness.

All the above methods showcase the diversity in just a single field, and they have all sown some success in treating cellulite. Which one someone follows is under their discretion.

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